Giethoorn: Venice of the Netherlands

No, you’re not day dreaming. This place does exist in reality. If you love Venice, you’ll definitely love Giethoorn, a small village of Overijssel, Netherlands. Giethoorn is often referred to as “Venice of the Netherlands”. You will be surprised to know that the population of Giethoorn is 2620. This village has no roads, the only medium of transportation is boats. It has 180 bridges. It has an enormous attraction for tourism. Over 150000 tourists travel here every year.

During the spring, this place looks magical. It has a beautiful tint of nature and the colours are so wonderful. The enchanting solitude will give you the utmost peace.

In autumn, it feels like the trees are filled with fire! It is so beautiful to watch.

In the season of Santa, the lakes get frozen and people ski over the lakes. This is the perfect place to enjoy Christmas.

If you have a thirst for travelling, pack your bags quickly and start your journey. It will be worthwhile.

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