Top five films of 2017

2017 is over now and we are already well into 2018. Last year has been very significant, bringing in quite a few social, political changes all over the world. We have been living in troubled times, amidst of war in one part of the world and violence, corruption and various challenges in another. Probably now more than ever, we need films to mirror our society, people’s plight and maybe to give the humanity, a reason to fight and to live. Well, we can certainly say that in that case, 2017 hasn’t disappointed the cinephiles.

So, here we are, with our pics for the top 5 films of last year.

   Call Me By Your Name

The first two words that come  into mind when talking about this film is that it’s simply “sensual and beautiful”. James Ivory’s poignant and heartbreaking script paired with Luca Guadagnino’s restrained and lush film-making already elevates the film from regular tales of first love and heartbreak , the chemistry between Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer is the most wonderful icing on the cake one can hope for. The breathtaking beauty of Italy’s countryside is poetically woven into the storyline about a 17 year old Elio and a 24 year old Oliver falling in love over six weeks of summer. This is a film to watch, remember,then watch again after sometime and love it just the same, possibly even more .

2) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

There are very few films that can be thrilling, funny and just plain sad at the same time , “Three Billboards” is definitely one of them. A film about many universal issues, violence against (wo)men, racism, grief, depression and most importantly about anger towards this unjust world and how people deal with it, it boasts of some of the most electrifying performances of the year by Frances Mcdormand and Sam Rockwell. It’s surprising how this film can be so darkly funny in one scene, give you a gut-punch in the next and just break your heart in others. A very real film about real world with real people, it’s a must watch for everyone given the current scenario in our society.

3)   Lady Bird

We have all been adolescents trying to find our own place in the world, while dealing with our first crush,first relationships, memorable friendships and impending adulthood; We have also seen countless films about them. But what makes Lady Bird stand out are two things: Greta Gerwig’s obvious personal infusions in the script that makes the film a lot more detailed as well as honest than what might seem on the surface and ofcourse,  Saoirse Ronan(who is in her top form). It’s a simple film, but made with with a lot of care and heart. This really is a film about home in a lot of ways, so much so that you will definitely miss yours if you’re away. Watch this film, preferably with your mother.

4)  The Florida Project

Have you ever wondered how the children who live in the poorest families and face situations so tough that most people can’t even imagine, spend their days? Sean Baker certainly has and the result is a beautifully shot and directed film that features a breakthrough performance by 6 years old Brooklyn Prince, ably supported by always great William Dafoe. Seen through the innocent eyes of a child, this film is about people facing the hardest challenges in life and how they try to overcome them. Every frame is filled with some beautiful colours, showcasing the very own “Disney world” of Moonee and her group of friends as they try to make the best of their situations. This is a very sweet but incredibly sad film, that deserves all the love it has received and more.

5)  Blade Runner 2049

Every once in a while, a film comes out that is loved by people and critics alike, but perhaps not too much because they don’t even receive half the accolades they deserve. Blade runner is certainly one of them. A sequel to the cult film “Blade Runner”, it is a dystopia about humanity. Yes, that’s it. Denis Villeneuve once again proves that he is one of the best directors in the world right now as he has once again weaved his magic perfectly in this gem of a film. Cinematography by Roger Deakins is also magnificent. It certainly seems like this is on its way to become a cult hit like its predecessor. Time will pass the verdict, and I think, it will be a positive one.

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