BTS dropped a new video ‘Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder’ which left the fans speechless .

The worldwide superstars BTS recently surprised fans by releasing 9 minutes long video titled ‘Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder’.

From the mysterious dark scenes to the refreshing visuals ,this video left the fans ( BTS fandom is also known as ARMY ) speechless .

The video starts with a series of dramatic scenes which is cryptic reference to  previous album contents with the classical music ” Claire De Lune ” playing in the background .

Then the actual soundtrack “Euphoria” cuts through the midway of the video where we can see all the 7 members featuring JIN , SUGA , JHOPE , RM , JIMIN , V and JUNGKOOK dressed in vibrant colours having fun together.



Then the video ends with mysterious scenes having  ” Claire De Lune ”  played again in the background .

This left the ARMYs coming up with number of theories on what these references could mean .                                 All the seven members have black hair colour which looks very refreshing and lively.

This video could possibily be the sneak peek of their forthcoming album since , the title of this video is similar to their their previous record breaking EP “LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her”.

With this video , the worldwide sensation BTS just increased the excitement level among the ARMYs who are eagerly waiting for their upcoming album.

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